GMO Reports

GMO Reports

By Jeff Kirkpatrick – Ban GMOs Now

This is a working post that will be updated periodically.

Last update: June 25, 2017

GMO Reports

GMO Reports” is a working post of a list of reports, fact sheets, issue briefs and studies about GMOs from over 35 organizations from around the world. The list includes publications from the 1980’s to the present. Related subjects included in the list encompass agricultural issues: industrial agriculture, agroecology, sustainable, regenerative and organic agriculture; the use of pesticides (which includes insecticides, herbicides, neonicotinoids, etc.); GM animals (such as GM salmon) and genetically modified trees; bees and other pollinators; Congressional hearings; international trade agreements – and more. Although some articles are on this list, they are generally excluded unless they are connected to a report in some way (with some exceptions). It is provided to assist in research and to help raise awareness about GMOs. Since the list is rather large, the most efficient way to share it is in a pdf format.

This is a working post that will be updated on occasion when possible; because each new version that is uploaded replaces a previous one, the actual web address (or URL) to the pdf report may change each time it is updated and the older version is replaced. For this reason, it is recommended that this webpage is bookmarked rather than bookmarking the webpage of the pdf file, since the web address to the most current version may differ from the previous link. It is also recommended that anyone who is interested in GMO research refer to this web page on occasion to access the most current version of GMO Reports. The most current link can always be accessed here:

GMO Reports

Re-posting is encouraged, provided the URL of the original is posted with attribution to the original author(s) and all links are preserved. When reposting please share from this blog post – “GMO Reports” because the link to the pdf report itself may change as updated versions replace previous ones.

Also see: “GMO Reports: New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBTs),” by Jeff Kirkpatrick, Ban GMOs Now [A working post]

Although a few law review articles are posted, a more detailed list is here: “GMO Law Review Articles (Including Notes and Comments),” by Jeff Kirkpatrick, Ban GMOs Now (A working post).

For more resources, see these working posts:

Why Glyphosate should be Banned”, “GMOs are not necessary to feed the World”, “Agroecology” “Food for Thought” and “Information on Sustainable Agriculture”.

Those who are interested in a list that focuses primarily on GMO studies, I recommend the website maintained GMO USA Free. It has a list of over 1900 publications, most of which are studies. That list can be found HERE.

सत्यमेव जयते – Satyameva Jayate

(Truth Ultimately Triumphs)


Re-posting is encouraged, provided the URL of the original is posted with attribution to the original author(s) and all links are preserved.

Copyright © Jeff Kirkpatrick 2017 Ban GMOs Now All rights reserved.




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